About Indy’s Racing Cheetahs

Indy’s Racing Cheetahs’ mission is to encourage youth to overcome fears and obstacles to reach their potential academically, in track and field competition, as well as in life. Indy’s Racing Cheetahs work with youth to understand the importance of making sacrifices to reach goals. This program helps youth see the need to accept responsibility, and set priorities to meet challenges. Working in a team environment, youth will all have a chance to develop leadership skills. This in turn helps promote self-respect and confidence.

World class talent! World class coaches! All supplied by a God who knows no limits!

Indy’s Racing Cheetahs is an organization comprised of  track & field athletes, coaches, parents, and volunteers dedicated to promoting and participating in running and track & field activities and strengthening the character of all involved.

If you are interested in improving your performance, by learning better technique, better training regiments, and better event preparation, this is the team for you. This unique blend of athletic training and character building is intended for those who are looking to be more than just good athletes.

“Great Coach!  Great Team! Great Vision!”

— LaMarr Betts

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